Travel is a passion for some, and for some it is a chance to have a good time out of one’s hectic busy life. Today, holiday makers are discovering the part of world at every minute. The concept of travelling changes with every passing time. As, travelling to your desired destination gives you a feeling of bliss. Travel is for leisure as it makes you feel relaxed by discovering your place, for which one is longing to visit. Hills, beaches, deserts or any other place that suits ones choice, as every place has its own natural beauty.


There are infinite numbers of beaches around the globe. But, it always depends on the travellers as one knows that which beach delivers the most picturesque scene. Beaches with sand, calm waves can make anybody to enjoy core to the heart. Beaches are one of the awesome places to chill for all seasons. For those dreading of winters, there is no other cure better than this to cure escape to one’s desired destination. Some of the top beaches of the world are:



Maldives: Maldives are always a perfect destination to dream your beach holiday by spending luxurious days in any high class resorts or while swimming among the tropical fish 80 feet underwater. Extending across the southwest of Sri Lanka, almost 1,102 islands that makes can make up the Maldives form 26 tolls. The beautiful archipelago blends into a palm-fringed haze.


Seychelles: It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world and is one of the 115 archipelagos in the Indian Ocean.  The beach gives a picturesque image where sands sparkle against backdrop of granite boulders, worn by time and weather. The beautiful turquoise water is shallow and it is safe to visit the beach as it is protected from ocean’s waves.


Bora Bora: The magical island makes up French Polynesia in South Pacific. The beach is 18 miles, the lush slip of land lies in the lagoon and is edged by sandy shores. The beach is famously known as Romantic Island. The place should once to be visited in a lifetime as the luxurious hotels and quite atmosphere makes a perfect holiday.


Lankai Beach, Hawaii: The exotic shore nearby the coral reef and keeps the surf calm. The deep green water with half mile from sparkling sand and the sunshine make the beach one of the scenic beach in the world.

Beaches have their own charm, as the beautiful waves, exotic a location with a happening crowd makes your holiday and your mood to enjoy more and more.

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