Lovers are always looking for reasons to run off to places where they can spend time together and strengthen their bond and relation. Be it a Valentine’s special or a short vacation or a honeymoon, you wouldn’t like to spend these special occasions at your home or a nearby place. Especially when it comes to honeymoon, it is all about declaring your love and a lifetime of togetherness. So why not make it a memorable time by taking your better half to a romantic destination where you can explore the romance in the city along with the love you have for each other. To have a perfect honeymoon, choose your destination from the best lover’s point across the globe. Here is the list of the top 10 lover’s point in the world that would give you an exciting romantic travel experience.


Skye: Also known as the seventh heaven of Scotland, Skye is located near the northwestern coast of Scotland. This mystifying foggy isle gives you the experience of celebrating your love amidst the huge mountains with lakes in between and rain drops dripping on a slate roof. The villages offer its love couples the comfort of staying in beautiful inns with big fireplace and the traditional whisky served as a gift of love while the villagers sing and dance for you creating a whole party type atmosphere.


Rome: For an urban honeymoon experience, Rome is the perfect romantic city. Rome offers to its lovers the time-honoured methodologies with picturesque gardens and historical work of art. If you are into the theatre, plays and music then the city’s live music venues, opera concerts, cafes and restaurant would leave you stunned with its charming Roman architecture and culture. One of the best hotels where you could make your stay comfortable is Hotel De Russie.

Carribean Islands

Carribean Islands: The volcanic mountains and green meadows along the side of sea waters make Carribean Islands a paradise on earth. The villages built near the volcanic mountains and the tropical forests nestled among the waterfalls gives it honeymoon couples or lovers a hot and thrilling experience.


Tahiti: Situated in the Society Islands Archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is the largest island among all the French Polynesia islands. This island gives you an experience of living in thatched roof houses touching the crystal clear Coral Sea beaches with small lush hills. To this dream and exotic destination, spas and restaurants add a relaxing and lively appeal along with adventures like Scuba diving.

paris 1

Paris: When it comes to Romance, Paris is the first name that comes to our mind. With its glamour, fashion and the Eiffel Tower, the city is responsible to attract thousands of love couples or honeymoon couples. The city offers its tourists the warmth and affection through its lively culture, striking infrastructure and scrumptious cuisines and drinks. Spending an evening near the Eiffel Tower with your mate and seeing the lights flashing up, you would want to miss this wonderful experience.


Hawaii: The perfect place for honeymoon destination is the range of beautiful islands, Hawaii. You can start your romantic expedition from any island preferably the big ones first as they are less crowded. The Big Island with tropical waterfalls and lush scenery with pastures encircling it gives you a great experience.

Trecking-on-the-glacier Argentina

Argentina: Argentina gives its travellers a relaxing holiday with lively culture and beautiful scenery. Also known as the wine country, the city offers the best red wine to dine with along with Andes mountains trek. This place is the perfect blend for a relaxing and adventurous holiday.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: If you are an adventurous couple, then Costa Rica is the perfect place for your honeymoon. It allows you to experience the tropical rainforests with Howler monkeys and Toucans being a part of the adventurous wildlife. It also gives you adrenaline experience of living in tree houses or canopy islands near the volcanoes and beaches.

Taj Mehal

Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal, a live example of the perfect love stays tall in India among the other lover’s point in the whole world. Built by the Mughal emperor in memory of his beloved wife, this monument is culturally rich and welcomes all the lovers with warmth and affection. This is the perfect place to declare your love for your mate for a lifetime.


Morocco: The diversity in landscape as well as culture that the city of Morocco gives to its travellers leaves them spellbound. From the tallest mosque minaret to the Sahara sand dunes, this city gives you a complete experience of beauty and Islamic welcome style.

These top 10 lover’s point in the world should definitely be a part of your beautiful love story to make it more cherished and loved.

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