The beautiful place Paris is famous for its night-life. And why not, are we not aware of the old film named “An evening in Paris”. The city has its own charm that attracts various tourists to visit the place. There may be chances when one spends the entire day after visiting museums, shopping and exploring cities and after that one might feel willing to see what the city has to offer in night. One can find plenty of pubs for entertainment located in any hotel.


Paris has versatility and is visible more on a night out. One can finish up with a beer in some cosmopolitan Belleville and one can feel that one has the experience of different countries at a same time. One can find hottest nightlife in Paris and can adapt dress and wallet in a Parisian style.  Some of the places that offer coolest night life are:

Pub Life Paris

Oberkampf: The district has some of the coolest new hang-out from in mid 90’s. The place seems serene, but is alienated due to overcrowding. Some of the bars named Pop In are a favourite destination as it has blend of bar, piano lounge and a place to dance in the cave. The culture of Indie rock reigns here.

Another bar, named UFO bar has features of new rock bar with table sprinted with vintage comic books.


Bastille: The nightlife of this place is a mix of traditional cafes, nightclubs and bars. Bar hopping is a good place to start, dancing like Salsa is also in order. Clubs like Sans Sanz has mostly the cosmopolitan crowd that hits the weekend. The décor of the place is bordello-style with various ixing of sound. Another pub, Le Motel is a hipster dominated indie hotspot that has a night mobbed with young crowd.


Paris is place where one can find clubs and cafes with different ambiences. One will mostly find best nightlife guide to Paris by going through any online information. One should also keep few things in mind being a tourist that nightlife starts from 10 pm in all bars, nightlife for clubs. One should keep safety in his mind as being a tourist in a foreign land one should be aware of all the pros and cons of the surrounding. The bars close around at 2 am and few might bring you till late by 4 am as pr the rule.

The idea is to have fun. So hurry up as one should have the experience of all places.

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