Turkey is a mystifying blend of the exotic nature and the well-known places. By combining the Middle East and the Mediterranean influences, Turkey is a connection between the East and the West. It is a perfect blend of the eastern culture of mosques, roman theatres with the western churches, Hittite cities. What makes Turkey a preferred city to visit is the friendliness and warmth of Turkish people and how the country welcomes you to stay and explore its ancient ruins, bask in the sun and let yourself lose in the hustle bustle of the city life. There are many places to visit in Turkey especially its capital city, Istanbul.


Istanbul, the former capital city of Turkey stands on the both sides of Europe and Asia. Not only this, what makes Istanbul more spectacular is that it was the capital of two uninterrupted Christian and Islamic kingdoms. The two kingdoms left the city with a wealth of attractions from the Byzantine church of Aya Sofya to the city walls, domes and minarets of Ottoman mosques and palaces. Although not a capital anymore but still it adds to its ancient ruins the vibrant culture and intellectual heart.


Where to stay in Istanbul?

To make your stay comfortable, Istanbul has many hotels and inns offering you the perfect stay experience. Since spring and autumn is the busiest seasons, it is advisable to plan out your vacation and book you rooms beforehand. If you want to stay near the entertainment hub of the city then you should stay across the Golden Horn in Beyoglu to experience its night life. But if you want to explore its historical sites then stay near the Sultanahmet. All the basic hotels will accommodate you with great rooms and free wifi.

Dining in Istanbul

Dining in Istanbul

Istanbul brings to you Turkey’s finest restaurants. These restaurants serve its guests the scrumptious and mouth watering traditional cuisines with fish being a fixed menu favourite. The place also offers food outlets and cafes serving snacks that are omnipresent and also have kebab stands, pastry shops, etc for the tourists and the locals.

Night life in Istanbul

Night life in Istanbul

There is no surprise that Istanbul is gaining popularity for its clubbing as the city is populated with youth, a rolling economy and persistent westernisation. Beyoglu, Taksim, Ortakoy and rich suburbs have the best bars in the city. If you are looking for a traditional night out, you can go to a tavern where you may find a fasil band entertaining the local and the travellers. You can also visit the Turku bars where music and drinking takes the most of your night.

istanbul entertainment

Entertainment in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is a host to many cultural festivals. It is also a home to the artists that are no less than those of the European cities. There is some event going on always in the city at the best theatres, opera houses or ballet rooms. The international festival of Istanbul attracts musicians from across the globe to make it a huge success.

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