The capital city of China, Beijing brims with great history and amazing culture. Counted amongst some of the greatest cities in the world, Beijing is a perfect blend of modern and ancient fascinations. The Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China are the two must visit historical sites in the city. Inarguably considered as one of the most visited places across the globe, the city hosts millions of tourists each year, who visit to explore this fast changing metropolitan city in China. Let’s discover the beautiful and beguiling city of Beijing and loose ourselves in its culture and beauty!


Beijing is a sleepless city, which is the reason why you can look for anything anytime and can find whatever you like at any time of the day easily. It is an abode to numerous tourist attractions and historic sites in Beijing. It will require quite a lot of time if you want to explore all the interesting places that Beijing has to offer. Some of the must visit tourist attractions are within walking distance and can be explored on foot, while others are a little far from the city center. Make sure that you plan for a bit longer stay if you really want to look at the real Beijing City!

Ghost Street

There can be no better place, other than the Forbidden City to start your journey from. Beijing is a fast developing old city. Sounds ironic? Well, explore yourself! And the more you explore the greater will you realize that the city still has a number of mysterious faces to unveil. This Imperial Palace is a large building, which takes you back to the 18th century architecture, which prevailed during the times of the Qing Dynasty. Exploring it on foot will be pleasurable, if wearing comfortable shoes. You can also enjoy some Starbucks coffee within the palace to recharge your body and soul. It is also a nice experience to let a guide escort you through the grand palace and tell you some old stories about the palace.


The Tiananmen Square, located in the heart of the Beijing city is a place for watching massive parades and rallies. It is the largest square of its kind. Witness the raising and lowering ceremony of the Chinese National Flag at sunrise and sunset here. It is an experience worth watching.


Are you running short on time? Then, the best way to get the most out of your Beijing tour is to hike one of the sections of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall running across Beijing is about 600 kilometers long and has eight major sections. You need to be armed with your strongest footwear to climb the Great Wall and also not to forget to carry sunglasses and water, especially during summers.

Beijing is a city for all seasons and perhaps, this is the reason why millions of visitors flock to Beijing, a perfect blend of old and new, every year. You can also check the list of events, holidays and festivals happening here, before you plan a trip to the city.

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