Europe may be half of the size of Asia, but its majestic beauty attracts travellers around the world. If one is exploring Europe, some obvious destinations to visit will come to your mind like East London with shiny post having Olympics makeover. A traveller always has the desire to visit a place whose beauty transforms him to another world. Europe, country is something like that.

Some of the best travel destinations are:

Porto Douro Valley

Porto Douro Valley: The riverside city is famous for its wine culture. Porto is the capital that is getting a buzz as a value destination. The city’s art scene looks liveliest during the Simultaneous Openings, when the exhibitions and concerts make a festive ambience. There are many museums located in Parque de Serralves having cutting edge exhibitions.

Beyond Porto lies the Paulo Valley which is a picturesque region of steep hillsides covered with vineyards with river cruisers and scenic train for day trippers.


Budapest, Hungary: The culture of Budapest is a blend of bar and retro culture. One can go to the novel digs of the previous eras and can stay in the retro hotels like that of Prime Minister’s residence, Brody House is the artistic palace called Hotel Pallazo Zichy. The retro happening city has the trend of old fashioned coffee shops.


Croatia: The Croatia is a hotspot and is populated by both American and European travellers. Most travellers are seeing the charm of the country which is lured by coastline having diverse charm of cities. Surpassing to the coast, Plitvice lakes national park is a nature lover’s paradise with beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: The historic and scenic city’s culture is undergoing a renaissance that is full of cultural events and is designed between the Protestant and Catholic side of the city. The charm of the city extends beyond the cities. Places like Giant’s causeway has a picturesque view with hexagonal columns of basalt spilling in seas. There is variety of destinations like cliffs, island and beaches.

Other cities like Florence can also be the most captured cities by any traveller. From cathedrals to the postmodern structures and to the pub one villages, England is a blend of tradition with and new age culture. The stylish innovation and shopping located in the nation’s capital, London. The magnificent castles are designed with innovations which makes the country among the most visited places to explore.

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