We have heard a lot about different caves all around the world. They are the best natural work of art created by nature itself. There are different types of caves, manmade and natural. But the experience of exploring a natural cave is much more than what we see in a manmade cave. Formed naturally and stood there for years, here are some of the most beautiful and amazing caves in the world.

The Blue Grotto
The Blue Grotto: The crest of the island of Capri in Italy, The Blue Grotto cave is a sea cave located in the coast of island. Unique in nature for its blue and emerald glow, the cave is a must-visit for people travelling to Capri. This cave can be explored by the front entrance which is a small opening where only one row boat can enter at a time and the other being the large hole beneath the entrance point submerged in the water.

Cave of Crystals
Cave of Crystals: Mexico in its lap has one of the most fascinating caves known as the Cave of Crystals. Discovered in the year 2000, this cave with giant crystals is covered with crystalline blocks and is the home to the largest natural Selenite crystals ever found. One reason why these crystals never melt is because its temperature is 50 to 58 degrees and the lengths of the crystals that are formed are 12 meters in length and 4 meters in height.

Krubera Cave
Krubera Cave: The Krubera cave in Georgia is the deepest cave on Earth with a depth of 2000 meters and more. Also known as Voronja cave meaning cave of the crows, it was discovered in 1960 by Russians.

Fingal’s Cave
Fingal’s Cave: Formed by the basalt columns with paleocene lava flow, the Fingal’s Cave is located in Staffa, Scotland. This sea cave depicts a perfect cathedral-like atmosphere because of its naturally arched roof and the sound of waves.

Puerto Princesa Underground River
Puerto Princesa Underground River: The Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the seven new wonders of nature and is located in Phillipines. Too enter this cave you need to take a short hike from a town nearby and can be explored by rowing a boat. The cave also features a 300 meter dome with amazing rock formations, bats, water holes and other river channels.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park: The longest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave National Park features Grand Avenue, Frozen Niagara and the famous Fat Man’s Mystery. It allows the tourists to explore all these features along with the muddy crawlspaces and sandy subways.

Waitomo Glowworms Cave
Waitomo Glowworms Cave: The most visited and best natural cave in the world is the Waitomo Glowworms Cave in New Zealand. As the name says, this cave is popular for the glowworms that thrive in the cave and illuminate the whole cave with its glow. The cave can be explored through a boat tour where you can see the marvellous glow-worms lightning up the whole cave as if you are watching the night sky full of twinkling stars.

Apart from these there are many other caves in the world that leave you spell bound and stunned with its natural formation.

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